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DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS:  Rev. Dr. Mark Schroeder

The Luther Institute Southeast Asia (LISA) is very thankful to welcome a new staff member to its ministry--Rev. Dr. Mark Schroeder.  Mark has served in many varied and significant roles in ministry--pastor, missionary, teacher, administrator, to name a few.  Mark's role with LISA is to help develop and train the national leadership for LISA in each country where it serves.

​Mark was asked to share a few of his thoughts about serving with Garuna and LISA as he begins this new stage of ministry.

“I love strategy.  And I am always evaluating my personal ministry from a strategic perspective.  There is no more strategic region of the world to minister for Christ than where the percentage of the world’s population is greater and the percentage of Christians is less than any other region of the world.  God is calling me to Asia!”

“I have worked in Christian relief work for the past 14 years in a very prominent and well-financed Christian organization.  But while relief work in Jesus’ name is essential, Kingdom-building and nation-building cannot happen without a long-term investment in people.  As with raising children, working with the Lord to raise Christian leaders requires a long-term commitment to those people.  Facilitating educational development is the work I am doing now because I want to see a Kingdom and nations built.”

The Luther Institute Southeast Asia (LISA)

Bible Training Ministry...

The Luther Institute Southeast Asia (LISA) is a ministry of The Garuna Foundation that is dedicated to helping teach God's Word in Southeast Asia.  This Bible teaching and training ministry assists the Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church (TCLC), the Cambodian Lutheran Church (CLC), and other regional Lutheran entities in preparing indigenous and national pastors, deaconesses, Garuna School teachers, and lay leaders for service in their respective churches.

LISA's ministry is to help provide the curriculum and teaching necessary to help with the training of pastors, deaconesses, teachers, and lay leaders for service in the emerging Lutheran churches and schools in Southeast Asia. LISA currently serves over 100 students from six ethnic groups and has several teaching sites in Thailand and Cambodia. LISA focuses on training the leaders of the local churches so that they can, in turn, teach their teachers.

Your support of this ministry of training the future leaders of the churches in this exciting region of the world is greatly appreciated.  Your support helps to scholarship future pastors, deaconesses, teachers,  and lay leaders in their study at LISA. Please click on this link to learn more about contributing to the support of LISA's critical ministry.

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