Garuna's Educational Ministries Director

Mrs. Cheryl Ehlers

Garuna's Educational Ministries Director

Cheryl Ehlers is Garuna's Educational Ministries Director.  Recently, Cheryl has served as the Principal of Christ Lutheran School in Phoenix, Arizona, for ten years.  Prior to that, she was an Assistant Principal and elementary school teacher in Phoenix and in East Point, Georgia.  Cheryl has also served with her family for eight years as a missionary with the LCMS in Bangkok, Thailand.

  While serving at Christ Lutheran School (CLS) Cheryl  was instrumental in developing a strategic partnership between CLS and the Garuna Schools and Garuna Kids’ ministry in Cambodia.  CLS was recently listed as the third largest elementary school in the LCMS.  She will certainly miss the wonderful pastors, staff, children, and parents at Christ Lutheran School but she will continue to live in Phoenix and remain an active member of the church and school community.

 Cheryl’s duties at Garuna will largely focus on the coordination and development of the Garuna Schools and Garuna Kids’ ministries.  She will be involved with curriculum development, teacher training, expansion of stateside partnerships, and with other key ministry needs.  Garuna welcomes Cheryl to its ministry.  Please keep her in your prayers as she begins this new path in ministry.

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