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From Thailand...


"We are very thankful for the Garuna Foundation and for the financial support we receive which helps us to be able to share God and His great love while teaching our TESL students here in Bangkok. There are many things in which the funding from Garuna helps us and we are blessed to be able to continue our ministry because of the Garuna Foundation. We give thanks to all who are involved with this foundation."

God bless,

Mrs. Amarita Patthana, ITL TESL Center

Bangkok, Thailand

Please keep the ministry and membership of the TCLC in your prayers as they serve in a region where less than 2% of the population is Christian. 

Indigenous Lutheran Church Development

The National Lutheran Churches of Southeast Asia are growing...

The Cambodia Lutheran Church (CLC)

The CLC is a partner in ministry with the Garuna Foundation. The CLC has approximately 15 congregations and many preaching stations with nearly 1,000 baptized members.  The congregations are located throughout several provinces in Cambodia.

This body of churches was formed in initially in January of 2009. In June of 2017 its registration by the Cambodian government was formally accepted as the Cambodian Lutheran Church (CLC).  The Garuna Foundation has assisted the  CLC with projects that help with development of the infrastructure of the church, with evangelism & outreach, and with children's ministry projects. Please keep this church in your prayers as they face many obstacles and challenges in this nation that has a population less than 2% Christian.

The Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church

The TCLC is another long-time partner in ministry with the Garuna Foundation.  The TCLC has approximately 10 congregations and several preaching stations with a baptized membership of nearly 600 persons. The TCLC has congregations in several provinces throughout Thailand.  The TCLC was formed in October of 2004. 

The Garuna Foundation assists the ministry of the TCLC with projects that help develop the infrastructure of the church, with evangelism & outreach, and with training seminars for church leaders.