The Garuna Foundation

From Chiang Mai, Thailand...

Dear Garuna Friends:

"We, in N. Thailand, are very grateful for the help of the Garuna Foundation. Specifically, we are thankful for your support in the following ways: 1. You help support our evangelism efforts to reach our people with the Gospel. 2. You help support the biblical training of our new leaders. Through LISA and other seminars, they have the opportunity to study and know Christine doctrine--doctrine they share within their communities and congregations. 3. The funding you share provides us with opportunities to minister and serve the people God places before us. 

Thank you and God bless you,

Pastor Niran Temsakun & Family

Chiang Mai, Thailand

What Garuna's Southeast Asian 

partners are saying:

From Bangkok, Thailand...

Dear Garuna Friends;

We thank you for Garuna's prayer and financial support. The Into Light Center TESL ministry is conducted by Concordia Lutheran Into Light Church here in Bangkok. We can share the Good News of Jesus with the students at our center and we have students who are interested in learning more about Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is working through this ministry and many students visit our congregation to learn more about Jesus. Thank you for your support and may God Bless you all, 

Mr. Joe Patthana, TCLC Business Manager, &

Mrs. Ar Patthana, ILC Director 

Into Light TESL Center 

Bangkok, Thailand

What Garuna 

supporters are saying:

"As a church that is passionate about reaching the world for Christ and doing it in the most economically wise ways, nothing comes close to the impact we are able to have in international missions as we have through Garuna."
Rev. Dr. Jeff Schrank, Senior Pastor 
​Christ Church Lutheran 

Phoenix, Arizona

"Our private family foundation's goal is to identify and fund those organizations whose work is most effective in influencing the world with Christian values and in spreading the gospel of Christ Jesus.  Garuna, in our view, is such an organization with the special work it does in Southeast Asia.  We are proud to have been a supporter for many years."
Mr. Elden von Lehe, Chairman
The Elden E. and Judith A. von Lehe Foundation

Phoenix, Arizona

"Many years ago, on a business trip to Thailand, I saw for the first time, people offering their prayers before idols of jade and stone.  Garuna gives me an opportunity to help send the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to this part of the world."
Mr. B. E. (Burt) Holthus, Garuna Foundation Vice-Chairman
Associate Comptroller - Retired, Proctor & Gamble Co.

Cincinnati, Ohio